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Custom Fireplaces in Downeast Maine

Fireplaces: We love them for their warmth and comfort. The open hearth has traditionally, and for past generations been the center of the home. Fireplaces were where the day began, where the family gathered, where the chill of a rainy spring day or January blizzard could be driven outside where it belongs.


While few wish to turn back he clock and do without the truly outstanding advantages of heating systems and cooking appliances, the open hearth still is one of the most sought after features in a home today. It's easy to see why. The simple pleasures of a book by the fire, or a few friends around the hearth, enjoying the afterglow of dinner and conversation, is the perfect retreat from a hectic day.


Everyone today is energy conscious. Traditional "open" Rumford fireplaces and Finnish fireplaces deserve consideration for their efficiency and ability to do what they should do, and that is, make you warm. Customers report that our fireplaces really work.

I believe in the ability of fire to nurture. It's primal. I know it feeds something deep inside. Finnish fireplace technology has been effectively bringing warmth and nurture into homes with unparalleled efficiency for over a hundred years. These are "whole house heaters", burn clean and include a bake oven for home cooking and baking!

And speaking of bake ovens, I have one in our home (wood fired), and it has provided some of the best times with family and freiends: ever. Fire resonates in me. If it resonates in you, listen to that voice. Explore all your options and the one that is right for you will make itself clear. Mark Nyborg 207:266-2633